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    Cutting edge GPS L1 technology for static and kinematic survey at a fraction of cost


    No learning curve - ‘One button’ operation mode for static survey


    Easy data transfer and office processing


    Small, lightweight and cable free for intensive field operation

The CHC X20 L1 GPS receiver is powered by the latest high performances GPS tracking technology making post processing static and kinematic surveys fast, reliable and affordable for every surveyors, landscape contractor ...

Competitive and Reliable

Extremely affordable, the X20 DGPS system is a ‘must-have’ for a large range of applications from high accuracy survey to precision mapping.

Easy to use - Static

The X20 is a “One button operation” for static survey. Powering on the unit automatically starts the recording of GPS raw data without any further steps. Operating within 10 km baseline, day and night in any weather conditions, the X20 DGPS works up to 16 hours on a single lithium battery.

Cable Free - Kinematic

CHC HDIFF data collection software provides intuitive yet complete kinematic survey method and connects to the X20 via Bluetooth® to avoid unnecessary cables. HPDIFF includes advanced quality control features securing your daily field work.

Compact and lightweight

Small form factor of 15 cm × 5 cm and weight of only 0.8 kg including one day battery operation makes the X20 one of the most ergonomic field GPS system.

GNSS characteristic

12 channels :

− GPS L1 C/A code, L1 full carrie, SBAS

Low noise and low multi-path error

Optimized tracking for low elevation satellite

Performance specifications (1)

Post Processing Static

− Horizontal: 5 mm+1 ppm RMS

− Vertical: 10 mm+ 2 ppm RMS

Post Processing Kinematic (PPK)

− Horizontal: 10 cm+1 ppm RMS

− Vertical: 20 cm+1 ppm RMS

Accuracy, TTFF and reliability specifications may be affected by multi path, satellite geometry and atmospheric conditions.

Performances assume minimum of 5 satellites and fallow up of recommended survey practices.

UHF type approvals are country specific Specifications are subject to change without notice.


1 RS232 serial port

1 high-speed USB

Optional Bluetooth ® communications port for PPK applications


− RINEX and HCN outputs for GPS raw data


Size (H×D): 60 mm× 150 mm

Weight: 0.8 Kg with battery

Working Temperature: -30 °C to +65 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +75°C

Humidity: 100% condensation

Dust proof: IP67

Waterproof : protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1 meter, floating.

Shock : survive a 2 meters drop onto concrete


Typical power consumption: 0.8W

Battery capacity : 2400 mAh

Operating times on internal battery : 16 hours (Static),10 hours(PPK)

External power input : 9-18VDC