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    Powered by field proven CHC core GPS module.


    From long base line static post processing to full RTK operation


    Outstanding accuracy for demanding survey projects


    Integrated rugged design for every day intensive use

The X90 L1/L2 GPS system is designed to enable every surveyor to access to high precision, robust performances and reliable technology but without the common price constraints usually associated with GPS investment. Fully scalable, the X90 GPS various configurations match a wide range of applications, from geodetic post processing to survey grade network RTK.

Competitive and Reliable

The X90 breaks the price barrier for cm accuracy positioning and provides extremely quick return on investment compared to equivalent GPS technology or traditional optical survey equipment.

Oustanding Performances

The X90 is powered by CHC patented GPS L1/L2 core engine and offers outstanding accuracy and fast initialization (30s typical) for topographic surveying and stakeout. In geodetic applications mode, the X90 is able to process long baseline measurement up to 200 km with the use of the Compass Office Software.

Cable Free

Built-in GNSS engine, antenna, Bluetooth® communication and optional GSM/GPRS modules in one single unit.

Compact and lightweight

The size of 20cm×8.5cm (DxH) makes the X90 only weight 1,4 kg. It significantly reduces tiredness of the surveyors in the field work.

GNSS characteristic

24 channels :

− GPS : 12x L1, 12x L2

Advanced multipath mitigation

Optimized tracking for low elevation satellite

Performance specifications (1)

Real Time Kinematics (RTK)

− Horizontal: 10mm+1ppm RMS

− Vertical: 20mm+1ppm RMS

− Initialization time: 30s

− Initialization reliability: typical >99.9%

Post Processing Static and Fast Static

− Horizontal: 5mm+1ppm RMS

− Vertical: 10mm+2ppm RMS

Post Processing Kinematic (PPK)

− Horizontal: 10mm+1ppm RMS

− Vertical: 20mm+1ppm RMS

Accuracy, TTFF and reliability specifications may be affected by multi path, satellite geometry and atmospheric conditions.

Performances assume minimum of 5 satellites and fallow up of recommended survey practices.

UHF type approvals are country specific Specifications are subject to change without notice.


1 RS232 serial port

1 high-speed USB

Optional GSM/GPRS modem

Integrated Bluetooth ® communications port

Optional radio modem

− CHC DL3 : 1W20W adjustable (2)

− Bandwidth: 450470 MHz


− RTCM2.1, RTCM2.3, RTCM3.0, CMR input and output

− RINEX and HCN outputs for GPS raw data Physical

Size (H×D): 85mm×200mm

Weight: 1.4 Kg without battery

Working Temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +70°C

Humidity: 100% condensation

Dustproof: IP67

Waterproof : protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1 meter, floating.

Shock : survive a 2 meters drop onto concrete


Typical power consumption: 2.8W

Battery capacity : 2200mAh

Operating times on internal battery : 6 hours (Static), 4.5 hours(RTK)

External power input : 9-18VDC